Here we come a wassailing….

Here we come a wassailing….

This weekend’s guests had quite a surprise on Saturday evening as they found themselves inadvertently taking part in the inaugural wassailing ceremony in our neighbouring cider orchard. Our lovely, hard working friends at  Perrys Cider Mill warmly invited us to join in with all the excitement and who could possibly turn down the opportunity to wear a silly hat, make a lot of noise, sing and of course drink lots of scrummy mulled cider?!

Wassailing has a long tradition in the cider orchards of Somerset. The ceremony is all about frightening away the bad spirits and waking up the cider apple trees after winter to encourage good health and a plentiful harvest.

wassail2 Who would have thought so much fun could be had on a cold Saturday in January! And all at the end of the Brook House garden…

Apparently, wassailing ceremonies traditionally take place on “Old Twelvey Night”, the 17th January and what a perfect way it was to bring good cheer and promise as we soldier on through January.

As the wassailing ceremony drew to a close with the firing of a shotgun, we made our short way back to the warmth of the Aga and the merrymaking continued with our guests enjoying a Brook House supper of spiced wild duck accompanied of course by more Perrys Cider! Here’s hoping we all have a plentiful year.