Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring

Another wet day here at Brook House but at least it’s getting milder and we’re encouraged by plenty of signs of Spring which we spotted on this morning’s dog walk. Primroses are emerging along the route of our morning walk and we even spotted these amazing Scarlet Elfcups – aren’t they fabulous?!

A little bit of magic to spur us on through March. Back in the Brook House garden, the daffodils are coming into flower but looking a bit sorry for themselves in all this rain. The euphorbias are beginning to flower too – that lovely fresh, lime green which is so vibrant and full of promise.

The snowdrops put in a good show this year. It won’t be long before I split the bigger clumps and plant them further along the bank – I just need a bit of early spring sunshine to encourage me to get digging!

So, I shall leave you with this sunny pic of the tumbling border last Spring. It’s hard to imagine the garden transforming to this over the coming weeks but it won’t be long before we’re enjoying a riot of bold and beautiful colour in the garden. This Spring the pressure is on as Brook House is hosting the annual (and infamous!) Dowlish Wake Plant Sale on the 20th May – the joys of village life!