Spring forward with the Brook House cookery demonstrations

Spring forward with the Brook House cookery demonstrations



With the arrival of Spring, Brook House has enjoyed hosting its recent round of cookery demonstrations. From the delicious Afghan cookies with coffee at the start of the day, to the elderflower cocktails by the Aga, the day was as much about being nurtured as it was about being inspired and eased through Springtime entertaining.




The demonstrations presented an imaginative and seasonal menu with lots of handy tips for saving time as well as helpful guidance on flavour combinations,use of spices and plenty of advice to assist with all manner of culinary queries.

I was delighted that my love of cooking ( and an audience!) proved infectious and the kitchen island became full of chatter and laughter.


IMG_3203Putting the puds together required full concentration while the scrumptious canapes were being happily devoured..

And then it was to the kitchen table for my lovely guests to sit down and enjoy what they’d watched being prepared. All in all, a perfect way to spend a Spring day! More dates to follow for Spring and ideas are developing for the summer programme to make the most of the garden produce. Happy cooking!